VW Transporter Shuttle
Transporter Shuttle Bus Introducing the Transporter Shuttle Bus Starting From £38,733.00

The perfect shuttle

The Transporter shuttle is the ideal choice for families, organisations and groups. From airlines and hotels to taxi companies who need to transport up to nine passengers (including the driver) in comfort and style, it's the ideal choice.



Customised transport

A choice of seat packages, mutliple storage areas and a range of electronic features make the Transporter your perfect shuttle.

Choice of seating

Comfort is key

Comfort is paramount in the Transporter shuttle with its folding armrests on the driver's seat, choice of single or double seat passenger bench, various storage options and seat settings. From the 4-seater to the 9-seater package, you'll find a suitable configuration for all of your shuttling tasks.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Interior design

Designed to impress

The Transporter's high quality materials, finishing and control design create a modern, comfortable atmosphere. Everything has been considered to deliver standout style and comfort, from the height-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support to the smart storage system for documents, tablets, smartphones and more.

Electric tailgate

Make light work of loading

The optional electric tailgate features controls that make it even easier to use: a remote control key for central locking, button on the driver’s door cladding, tailgate handle, a short pull on the tailgate and the button on the tailgate cladding. The parking assistant's sensors conveniently check whether there's enough space to open your tailgate.

Energy-saving headlights

Visibility is everything

Make sure you can see well with the optional energy-saving LED headlights and headlight cleaning system. A dimming interior mirror provides additional protection against uncomfortable dazzling from traffic behind you.

VW Transporter Shuttle

Electric packages

Electrical extras

From electric windows to folding exterior mirrors, the Transporter shuttle can be fitted with various practical packages.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Secure fastenings

Securely fasten luggage and car seats

Whether you're fastening luggage or child car seats, you can trust the Transporter to keep them secure.



A dynamic driving experience

The Transporter shuttle exceeds expectations with its advanced engine technology and low fuel consumption

Dual clutch gearbox DSG

Smoothly does it

The optional 7-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG gives you fully automatic, almost imperceptible gear changing with no interruption in power flow, which results in significantly increased driving comfort and efficiency. You can choose between normal and sport mode.​

Efficiency Technology

Technologies that help save fuel

Every one of our Euro 6 engines is equipped with Efficiency Technology as standard, featuring a start/stop system, regenerative braking, and low rolling resistance tyres.




Stay informed, keep entertained

The Transporter Shuttle features modern infotainment systems and innovative mobile online services. Stay informed on the road and reach your destination quickly and safely.

Heating and air conditioning

A steady temperature

Whatever the weather’s doing outside, you’ll be comfortable inside the Transporter. Its modern air conditioning system adjusts the temperature in seconds, providing cool air on hot days. The auxiliary heating will warm you up on cold days. The heated windscreen gives you good visibility in any weather.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Radio and navigation systems

Find your way with ease

Experience your favourite music on the high-quality radio and find your way with ease using the Transporter Shuttle navigation system with a winning combination of intuitive operation, the best connectivity and great sound.

Electronic voice amplification

Communication skills

The optional electronic voice amplification ensures that your passengers in the rear seat can hear you clearly. The voice input is recorded through a hands-free microphone, amplified, and then transmitted over the loudspeaker in the rear.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Mobile online services

Online, on the road

With up-to-the-minute technology and the mobile online services, you can stay connected while out on the road in your Transporter Shuttle (available with the optional Discover Media).

Driver Assistance systems


Your second pair of eyes

The practical driver assistance and safety systems in the Transporter support you in critical situations, when parking or changing lanes and more.

Safety systems

A safe pair of hands

To help ensure every journey ends as stress-free as it begins, the Transporter shuttle is equipped with a number of systems – all of which are activated in critical situations as a preventative measure. Add to this a variety of innovative driver assistance systems and you’ll discover the Transporter shuttle offers high levels of safety and peace-of-mind.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Driver assistance systems

Protect your passengers

Intelligent driver assistance systems make travelling in the Transporter even more comfortable. Front Assist and City Emergency Braking now available as standard.

Parking assistance

Make parking a piece of cake

The clever parking assistance in the Transporter warns you of obstacles when parking and simplifies all your manoeuvres.

VW Transporter Shuttle
VW Transporter Shuttle

Lighting systems

Intelligent lights

Automatically dimming high beam lights along with extra lights which show you the way when cornering, even in poor weather.

Transporter Shuttle

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