The South Shropshire Hunt Pony Club put on a One Day event held at Berriewood Farm, Condover, Shrewsbury on Sunday 8th July 2018. Ponies and riders took part in dressage, cross country and show jumping on a very hot summer’s day.

Greenhous VW and Nissan sponsored the event and placed vehicles at the show which could be used to tow horse boxes and trailers. The Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok are leaders in the pick-up truck field.

A big thank you goes to Richard Callcut from Greenhous for arranging the placement of the vehicles and for his help on the day as Greenhous ambassador at the Pony Club event. Richard reports that the day was a great success with his daughter, Cerys Callcut achieving 2nd place in the event and winning the Highest South Shropshire member trophy for the One Day event.