Pothole Dangers Highlighted by Greenhous VW

Pothole Dangers Highlighted by Greenhous VW
Greenhous Volkswagen has backed results from a recent survey, suggesting the number of motorists affected by potholes is increasing. Indeed the AA/Populus survey, which said a third of drivers have suffered damage to their vehicles from potholes over the last two years, is supported by evidence obtained by Greenhous Volkswagen Van Centre.

 Potholes are now appearing in ever growing numbers on many roads following the high levels of snow, ice and rainfall this winter and Greenhous Volkswagen Van Centre is advising drivers to inform the local council if they spot any new cracks or dips in the roads. The warning comes after the business noticed the most common repair jobs it was dealing with were pothole-related, including broken wheel rims, split tyres and wheels forced out of alignment.

Ray Coates, Greenhous Volkswagen Van Centre’s head of business, said: “Hitting a pothole can seriously damage a vehicle’s tyres, wheels, suspension and steering.

“Commercial vehicles are particularly vulnerable as they are heavier than normal cars and often carry large loads.

“The most common repair jobs we see are damaged wheel rims and split tyres. These can cause steering problems which can be extremely dangerous and costly if no dealt with immediately.”

Ray continued: “We’re advising motorists to be vigilant and to inform the local council of any potholes they see, so they can be repaired and reduce the damage to other road users.”