Ryan proves to be a Rising Star at Motor Trader Awards.

Ryan proves to be a Rising Star at Motor Trader Awards.
As a young, aspiring sales executive in the motor vehicle industry there can be no better sign of appreciation and recognition of your hard work than being nominated for an award by your manager. Yet this accolade was given to Greenhous VW Van Centre sales executives Ryan Evans and Reagan Shepherd by their sales controller, Jason Deeming as he put them forward for the prestigious ‘Rising Star Award’ sponsored by the industry magazine, Motor Trader. Both had started on the Trainee Sales graduation programme, passing out with honours.

Jason says of Reagan. “Since day one of her joining the business Reagan has been like a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm for the job rubs off on everyone around her. Regularly Reagan will ‘lead the charge’ to tidy up our used sales pitch or move around our new van display – dishing out the orders of who moves what where, but we all do as we’re told as we know it will look better when it’s done!

“Although only young, with being fresh to the business, Reagan does not have any preconceived ideas or ‘prejudices’ towards customers and treats them in a way that I think she likes to be treated when she goes shopping herself, the experience should be an enjoyable one and she is there to help get the customer the ‘pair of shoes’ that suits them. I quite often get positive feedback from customers who say how dealing with Reagan has made what is still an intimidating experience for some customers an extremely enjoyable experience instead. I believe she is leading the way in how our business needs to develop and exist in the ‘consumer age of choice’ we are in.”

In praise of Ryan, Jason proudly reveals: “Ryan has achieved an average of 12 sales a month and, even before graduating, on two separate months he sold in excess of 20 vehicles, no small feat for someone under the age of 20. He has the professionalism of someone who knows all the ‘ins and outs’ of the business and all the enthusiasm of someone excited by what is still a new job for him. Having witnessed him dealing with customers I have found myself smiling at how much at ease he puts people and yet he is still focussed on providing a good experience and the right products for the customer’s requirements.

“He regularly contacts me regarding possible business and this is just the sort of ‘pestering’ that I like! The location and site where he works from isn’t the biggest of dealerships, but it is great to see that he has made it his own and treats it as if it was a huge dealership in a prime location. Ryan has been like a sponge and soaked up all the knowledge he needs to do a fantastic job. He has the right attitude, professionalism and commitment to do the job and that will take him a long way in his career.”

From the initial nomination process, Reagan, from the Bilston VW Van Centre, unfortunately was not short-listed, but received high praise from the judges, however, Ryan, from the Shrewsbury VW Van Centre was listed in the final candidates and went to The Grosvenor Hotel in London for the awards ceremony.

Accompanied by Jason and Greenhous Shrewsbury VW Site Operations Manager, Francesca James, Ryan was suitably excited by the thought of attending his first awards ceremony.  He was even more impressed to be announced as the winner as a Motor Trader Rising Star 2016.

At a champagne breakfast presentation, Ryan lined up with the other Rising Star winners for photographs and video interviews looking every part the positive and successful young sales executive.

Asked how he felt about the award Ryan enthused: “I am really pleased to have won this award. Even to be nominated by my managers means a lot to me and it shows me they appreciate all the hard work I have put in over the last 2 years, making it all worthwhile. The venue was great and I really enjoyed the event, and to finish the day with an award just topped it all off. Delighted!”

Jason concluded: “It’s fantastic that young people such as Ryan and Reagan are recognised for their efforts. It seems sometimes we live in a world where we are very quick to criticise but not so forthcoming with praise and as a young person starting in the working world it must be quite a daunting prospect. Both Reagan and Ryan show a maturity far beyond their years and approach and treat customers the way they themselves want to be treated. It’s a pleasure to be able to work with them and you can’t help but be encouraged by their enthusiasm and commitment to do better yourself”