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Wear and tear is unavoidable when driving a vehicle every day, especially when using it for business purposes. The best way to keep your vehicle in top working order is to ensure its parts are replaced as and when needed. We supply and expertly fit any part your Volkswagen may need so you can ensure that your drivers are protected with genuine parts and a two year warranty.

Fully fitted parts pricing*​Amarok​Caddy​Transporter T5 & T6​Crafter
Front brake pads​£145£125​£155​£165​
​Front brake pads and discs​£265£220​£365​£310​
​Rear brake pads​AOR (1)£115​£135​£145​
​Rear brake pads and discs​AOR (1)​£225£335​£350​
​Brake fluid change​£45£45​£45​£45​
​Front wiper Blades​£40£40​£45​£40​
​Front shock absorbers​£475£320​£400​£470​
​Rear shock absorbers​£160£180​£215​£175​
​Exhaust Rear silencer​£220 (2)£260​ (2)£250​ (2)£615​ (3 2)
​Exhaust Centre silencer​£280 (2)£210​ (2)£245​ (2)£275​ (2)
​Cambelt with water pump​£465£410​£475​£630​
​Battery​£110 (2)£110​ (2)£120​ (2)£120​ (2)
​Alternator​£345 (2)£390​ (2)£415​ (2)£385​ (2)
​Stop Start Battery​£220£210​£210​£255​
​Starter Motor​£310 (2)£275​ (2)£260​ (2)£250​ (2)
​Clutch Exchange​£570 (2)£560​ (2)£640​ (2)£620​ (2)

*Available for vehicles over 3 years old at participating Van Centres. All prices include fitting and parts but exclude VAT. VAT payable at 20%. For fully fitted parts pricing for vehicles 3 years old and under, please contact use using the form below.


1. Available on request - Amarok has rear brake drums and shoes.

2. May use Volkswagen Economy parts or Volkswagen Approved parts Clutch may also use Volkswagen Exchange parts.

3. With catalytic converter.

For availability and for booking for repairs please use the form provided.

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